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The Click Society

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photo Karli Engblom

Hey there, i'm Kevin and the owner of The Click Society. Most of you know me as the founder of the Creative Orange and mentor at After Dark and various other seminars.


Right now you are probably wondering what is The Click Society.

Let me explain. 

First off, I got busy with life and my commercial photography business, to the point that I lost focus on the one thing I love to do.....teach. Don't get me wrong, I still shoot a ton, but after 30 plus years I realized that something was missing. It was sharing my knowledge of all things.

I can list so many people that have become amazing photographers, surpassing me in skill sets, that I was there teaching from the start. There is nothing that makes me feel better inside, than knowing I might have caused a spark to get someone on the right path.

I have made thousands of how to videos through the years, and thought why not share those as well as create new videos too!

In the past, I charged a fee for each class. What I want to do now, is give access to all the videos in one place, along with a private forum for questions and sharing.

I also am going to have a monthly webinar to share new ideas or techniques that might help you on your path. Along with me, I will be bringing in other speakers on tons of subjects. I honestly can't wait to share with all of you again!!


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